The Story

Cory’s coral reef adventure takes you on an underwater journey of discovery. Set on a reef in the Philippines, this story book shows the unique and colourful life we all love but can unconsciously take for granted. Let Cory and her friends teach us how to care and protect the beautiful underwater city...

Learn about marine life with additional science facts to help us understand and care for our marine creatures

Vol 1 & Vol 2 have been launched!!!

It started off as an idea. An idea to create stories and enhance reading to support under-resourced youth and children. Our drive in creating stories came about after our work in one small village in Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. It started out from teaching in local schools, to organising community outreach events focusing on marine conservation awareness including coral reefs, plastic pollution, mangroves and much more.

Be a Wavemaker!

We would like to create more Ocean Literacy modules and books and reach more children in the Philippines. With this, your help will go a long way plus you can educate a kid with us!

With your support, we can already:

  1. Print and send storybooks to our partner communities.
  2. Storytelling event
  3. Support future ocean literacy projects

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Ocean Adventures with Cory: The Coral Reef City

Ocean Adventures With Cory: Saving the Coral Reef City

You will help educate local communities about the marine life around the coral reef ecosystem, learning about the effects climate change & ocean acidification have on coral reefs. We hope to create youth leaders and environmental advocates through our stories of the importance of marine conservation.